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2024 GT show scene丨3W shines in Suzhou City
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2024 GT show scene丨3W shines in Suzhou City

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About 2024 GT Show

In hot anticipation, we welcome the 2024 GT Show, a car culture and fashion show, Suzhou is determined to set sail, presenting a car modification cultural event with culture, warmth and attitude to everyone.

Hard-core modified brands gathered at the scene, and the exciting exhibition cars made people's adrenaline soar. There were even heavy-hitting celebrity guests airborne to interact with everyone!

3W full TPE healthy car mats set off an industry craze and shine in Suzhou City!

From March 29th to March 31st, 2024, you will definitely find your exclusive love at the Suzhou International Expo Center.

Booth B1-34

Check in at the 3W booth to immediately start the trendy feast of all-weather TPE floor mats!

The Ford Ranger is displayed in the center of the booth and incorporates real off-road elements. Camping table and chair combinations and tents are placed around it, aiming to create an enthusiastic and free outdoor atmosphere.

As the only TPE injection molded mat brand participating in the exhibition, this two-way trip to the 2024 GT Show attracted many professional customers to stop at the 3W booth for product consultation and business negotiations.

The Ranger floor mats on this exhibition car are made of TPE material from Hexpo, Sweden. They have passed a number of international environmental certifications and are odor-free all day long, making it a truly environmentally friendly travel with healthy companions.

3W car floor mats restore the data one-to-one through 3D three-dimensional scanning, and accurately mold the mold to fit the car body perfectly. Integrated injection molding process, stains can be washed away immediately, starting your convenient life!

3W comes from the imagination of cars. Only these visible and tangible qualities are worthy of your choice.

Focus on creating outdoor camping aesthetics and unlock new scenes of cars and nature. Such as 3W folding table, Kermit chair, ultrasonic picnic mat, etc.

Fully stimulate the vitality of the audience and help the healthy development of car camping culture with trends, innovation and quality.

listen! This is the sound of love!

The 2024 GT Show turns Suzhou, an ancient literary and artistic city, into a hot modern city!

3W interprets love with professionalism, chooses quality, and shines in Suzhou!


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