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3W Auto Life Floor Liners Review
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3W Auto Life Floor Liners Review

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As some of you probably saw, 3W Auto Life @Daniela at 3W Auto Life is allowing some of us to do a test of their floor mats for the Bronco. This thread serves as a place for me to share my first impressions and further comments. I do sometimes worry that these sorts of things sometimes are a scam, but so far I can confirm this is not the case! Daniela/Gloria and 3W Auto sent me these to try out, with the only conditions being that I share any photos/videos I take of the floor mats and and leave my honest review of the product. And then they're mine to keep. So I'll be the first guinea pig

First impressions: these floor mats appear to be pretty well made (even though they're made in China) and kinda heavy. They have a nice rubbery feel and not plasticky, as expected. Installation was easy peasy, and they fit like a glove! Even though the back mat has the clip secure things on it, the back seat area doesn't have them. But since the underside of the mat has a grid pattern, combined with the precise fit, I dont see them sliding anywhere. My only criticism so far is that I'd like to see the lips closest to the console be higher to help catch mud and things for those folks like myself that have the carpet floors. I'll update this later on as I use them. Pictures below




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