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3W Auto Life floor mat review
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3W Auto Life floor mat review

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I was offered the chance to try out some new floor mats and offer a review. I have to say, I'm pleased with the new floor mats!

The shipping box showed up pretty beat, but the interior box was just fine. When we first opened the inner box we were surprised to immediately see the mats have a cool off-road tire tread pattern, which coincidentally matches our center console lid.

The installation is easy peasy, self explanatory. We had a front set and rear cargo mat already, but the new ones fit and cover so much better. The rear mat extends under the back seats for better coverage, and has cutouts for the hooks in the floor. We haven't cut them out but think we will.

After installation, we found the box even has a cool use.... it's an origami piece! We'll play with it in a few days and post results.


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