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3W Floormat Review + Comparison vs Weathertech
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3W Floormat Review + Comparison vs Weathertech

Views: 0     Author: WheresMyBronco      Publish Time: 2024-04-29      Origin:

Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen by @Daniela at 3W Auto Life to review the 3W Floormats, which worked out well for me because my Weathertech mats were starting to look terrible and I was thinking of changing them out anyway.

Disclaimer: I got these 3W floormats for free but was asked to leave an honest review.

Overall, I'm happy with the mats and I think they're a much better fit than the Weathertechs. The rubber seems thick and flexible enough where I don't have to worry about it curling or losing it's shape like the Weathertech mats did. The edges on these are slightly lower than the Weathertechs, but I have the washout flooring so to me it's not a big deal.

Keep in mind these are designed to be used with carpeted floors, but it still fits almost perfectly with my washout floors. The only part that isn't perfect is that the rear floormats sit slightly above the doorsill but even then it's still a better fit than my Weathertech mats that were specifically designed for washout floors.


  • Floor mats look good (in my opinion)

  • Fits perfectly/much better than the Weathertechs

  • Won't get snagged by your feet when entering/exiting

  • Compatible with the under seat vent deflectors

  • Trunk mat has the cutouts for the tie down points outlined

  • Doesn't slide around as much because the rubber is pretty grippy


  • Trunk mat doesn't fit too well and doesn't have a tall lip on the edges

I've only tried these and the Weathertech mats on my Bronco, and if I had to buy only one I'd definitely go with the 3W (especially at half the price if you include shipping + tax).









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