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3W Liners floor mats seem pretty good
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3W Liners floor mats seem pretty good

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TLDR at the top:
The folks at @WOLFBOX CAR LIFE reached out to see if I could do a review of their floor mats.
I planned to get rough with them so they sent me two sets at no charge.
If you want the floor drain feature they're a no-go but otherwise they fit very well, look good, and seem pretty durable. They're about $160 for a full JLU set that includes the rear cargo mat. Sorry JL peeps, it doesn't look like they offer a set for you. A link for my video review is at the bottom.

Detailed Comparison
Price - The set from 3W that includes the cargo mat lists for $210 dollars US but with current discounts they’re $159. The Mopar lists for $215 dollars and it does NOT include a cargo mat. You can plan on adding about $150 dollars more if you want that and I can’t say I’ve ever seen their stuff on sale.

Country of Origin - The 3W mats are made in China where the Mopar mats have been reported to be made in either Mexico or USA. You can see these ones were made in the US and I was surprised to see they’re also made out of TPE.

Material - The formula must be different though because 3W mats are softer and more flexible, where the Mopar mats are a bit more plastic feeling. The feel of the material isn’t a huge deal but I think it’s a factor in why I can’t get the Mopar mats clean.

Abrasion resistance - After the accelerated wear test on the 3W mats, you can see a little surface abrasion. The Mopar mats also show some wear after 3 years of use, but the damage doesn’t appear to be as deep. It seems the softer 3W mats are more prone to abrasion damage but we’re probably talking years before it would become an issue.

Carpet protection - The front mats for both, have similar designs with sides that come up about 2 inches to help keep the carpet clean. The design and coverage for both brands rear mats is also very similar with one exception. The 3W rear mat is a single piece, compared to Mopar which uses sort of a button arrangement to connect the two sides. The 3W snap fasteners are closed at the top, where the Mopar ones are open which can let sand and water through.

Floor drain - The Mopar mats have a sort of spout that’s intended to let water on your mats drain through a hole in the floor. It’s a good idea, but the spout needs to seal to the hole instead of just sitting above it. The 3W mats don’t have a spout which is my preference but if this feature is important to you it isn't there.

Ease of cleaning - Out of everything, my biggest gripe about the Mopar mats is that they are impossible to get clean. Even after the pressure washer and power scrubber you just can’t get rid of the dirty haze. The 3W mats didn’t stain but I can’t say for certain they would never stain. But since I see zero evidence, I’m going to give the edge to 3W.

Branding - The last bullet is whether or not your vehicle logo is important. It’s very possible a significant part of the price difference is due to the branding alone. Like the drain spout, if you want it, you want it and there's only one that has it.

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