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All weather mats. Initial review on 3W
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All weather mats. Initial review on 3W

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Another not so exciting post but thought I’d share my thoughts. I originally had the Porsche all weather oem mats in my MY20 cayenne and found them lacking mostly in coverage area. I do like the oem mats style and flexible rubber material. My previous oem mats in 958.2 seemed to cover more of drivers floor board. In addition, I have a couple of kids who seem to love to put their shoes on middle raised area in the back seat floor. So my search began for some replacements to basically preserve the carpet and easiness of cleaning. I mostly looked at Carid, weather tech and 3W. I almost immediately eliminated carid due to coverage and style. I was left with weathertech and 3W. I ended up with the 3W mostly related to coverage, style and appearance as I’ve used weather tech on a couple previous vehicles and didn’t want the more industrial look and large weathertech badge on my current cayenne. Otherwise I was always reasonably pleased with weathertech mats. The 3W mats have much improved coverage over oem and I would rate the fitment 8.5/9 out of 10. The snaps fit as they should with the car’s floor fasteners. The 3W material is not quite as flexible as oem but seems a bit less stiff to the weathertech mats I’ve used. The 3W surface doesn’t appear as slippery as weathertech but I haven’t had a chance to test after any significant rain/snow. I think these appear more in keeping with the (except the Walmart part&#128514 cayenne’s style over the weathertech. I may remove the small 3W badges from front mats which are attached with small anchor screws. Look pretty easy to remove from the under side. My VERY minor complaint is the fitment of each mats lateral lip at its contact with door sill. I took them back out and rolled them down which seemed to help a very small gap at each mat. Maybe time will allow them to lay down as it was the first day out of the box. Overall, I’m pleased with them and would buy them again. I found them best priced at Walmart which made me a bit concerned but after receiving the mats was quite pleased. I live in the southeast region near Appalachian mountains where we receive some minimal snow and ice. Sorry for long winded message, but thought some may be interested this time of year. $159.00


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