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Both personality and practica 丨 Honda Vezel TPE car mats
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Both personality and practica 丨 Honda Vezel TPE car mats

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Explosion in the field of joint venture SUV - Honda Vezel.

Vezel feels clean and generous in appearance, and tight suspension can be a good balance of sports and comfort, home or have some fun.

Just like the 3W full TPE car floor mat, the characteristics of personality and practicality are very flattering.


# Static break through the tradition, three-dimensional TPE online

The colorful and fancy siege will inevitably make people's aesthetic fatigue. At this time, the 3W car floor mats emerge; the pure black color is harmonious and low -key, as if intentionally reduces the presence of the car floor mat.

The first face of the Honda family chrome -plated front face was integrated into the pattern design of the car floor mat.

And increase the bumpy "diversion slot", which is a adjustment to meet the sewage and sediment of the diversion sole.

Visually still has a three -dimensional sense.

Between the car floor mats and the original car floor, it is more secure and firm through the Honda knob -type buckle connection.

The practical 3D high -side design of the surrounding area, the contour is fused with the body; the no -card seat track is mainly silent and comfortable.


# Dynamic easy to open, smart and textured driving experience

3W is a surprise, the car floor mat using integrated injection molding. Not only look and feel more concise, and daily care will be more convenient.

Just need water rinse can, TPE natural waterproof, one wipe dry.

In addition, 3W has carried out 3D scanning on Honda Vezel to accurately fit the car; Make the car floor mat and the car into one, can be a good guarantee of driving fun.

The car floor mat is nearly 1cm thick and the flexible material makes the feet feel soft, solid and non-slip.


# safety and feel more comfortable

3W full TPE floor mat series products have passed the strict environmental protection SGS test, TPE material is safe and healthy without odor; Won the Red Dot Award.

Is a humanized, high grade of new environmental protection materials; It is also safe to use at high temperature.

Fresh air inside the car, but also your healthy driving.


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