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Custom fit Land Rover丨All-terrain SUV equipped with all-weather car floor mats
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Custom fit Land Rover丨All-terrain SUV equipped with all-weather car floor mats

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Living in the city-state for a long time, the heart will be wild.

In the face of complex and changeable wild terrain, in addition to strong driving skills, it also requires powerful "equipment".

The 3W all-terrain SUV is equipped with all-weather car floor mats, which has various performance advantages. It is specially designed for Land Rover and has been greatly praised by off-road experts!

As the only car floor mat in the car that is in contact with the sole of the shoe.


3W has the advantage of natural waterproof, and is not afraid of muddy road. The sediment and sewage on the sole will gather through the unique texture, impermeable to the velvet, and more decently cope with extreme challenges!


The 3W car floor mat adopts the 3D original car scan data, and a sufficient safety distance is reserved between the car floor mat and the brake and accelerator pedals in the pedal area of the driving position.


Intelligent safety escort, choose 3W to further increase off-road safety and enable powerful performance.


Solid and reliable! Designed for all-terrain complex road conditions.


3W car floor mats not only have excellent wear resistance and anti-fouling performance, but also improve the friction and non-slip and the safety of the original car buckle. It will help off-road experts to be able to move forward even in slippery and muddy road conditions!


3W can perfectly adapt to the temperature changes of the external environment of the car, and is not affected by temperature.


The car floor mats can withstand high temperatures of 75°C and low temperatures of minus 45°C, and can still maintain stable performance under extreme temperatures, without deformation or slippage.


3W car floor mats are easy and fast to take care of, just rinse with water, no need to wait for drying to save time and cost. Truly enjoy off-roading, without being bothered by cleaning the foot pads, and accompany you to enjoy the magnificent and beautiful scenery on the top of the mountain.


With the superiority of TPE material and excellent blanket weaving process, the unique charm of 3W foot pads makes people excited and go to the "wildness" with confidence.


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