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Important Tips to Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Winter
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Important Tips to Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Winter

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1. Fuel Your Vehicle As Full As Possible

Water shouldn’t be in your fuel lines, so keeping your tank full ensures your car is warm. For safety, if you're stranded road-side, it's important to ensure plenty of gasoline. At low temperatures, the condensation could build up in the gas tank due to the room made available for vapors to form.

2. Ensure Your Wipers Are In Good Shape and Working Condition

Winter weather isn't that bad but sometimes we fail to remember the impacts of low visibility it may have on driving. Even the best wipers degrade over time, so take notice next time you drive in the rain or low visibility weather, if your wipers are already leaving scratches or marks, that's an indication for wiper replacement.

3. Turn Your Headlights On in Low Visibility Areas

Unpredictable road conditions may occur at anytime. Rough and hazardous weather and poor visibility can make driving problematic. Keeping your headlights on in poor weather conditions, even during the day, is a good practice for yours and others safety.

4. Keep a Set of Booster Cables in Your Car

Engine requires more current than normal conditions as the temperature starts to drop drastically. Also the car batteries lose their strength. Keeping a set of booster cables or portable battery pack in your vehicle could save you from sticky situations.

Safe and Happy driving everyone!


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