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Jeep Renegade Customized car mats
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Jeep Renegade Customized car mats

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Tribute to the classics--

Jeep Renegade, which is pure SUV blood, naturally continues the family's hard -core off -road style. The appearance is clear, and it is unique in the current city SUV market.


Refusing to aesthetic fatigue

3W designed a special car mat for Renegade Model, accurate positions, and fits the body's dissatisfaction. Considering the needs of off -road enthusiasts, innovation adopts 3D small high -side design, abandon tedious restraint, and leads a new round of 'TPE' trend.

Select the pure black TPE's delicate texture, depict a deep tough style!

With personalized white logo embellishment of off -road life, the car space of young people injects modern simple new elements.


Pure TPE table as one

3W is committed to achieving the true concept of sustainable development in the true sense.

● The car mats of the TPE material have strong wear resistance, so the service life is longer

● The advantages of high intensity and high flexibility make the driving experience better

● Environmental protection, non -toxic and non -odor, more secure and healthy in space in the closed car



The texture of the 3W jeep rotor is based on the theme of the tire.

It is reminiscent of the tire marks on the muddy road of the desert and uninhabited area by the off -road people; at the same time, this texture has the effect of increasing friction.

The depressed diversion slot design can effectively prevent the dirty water and sediment overflowing from the soles of the foot, and keep the floor floor clean.


In addition, the TPE car mats can tolerate the test of temperature. Regardless of whether it is high -temperature and hot, the sun is still cold, and the car mats are still as early as the beginning.

In order to meet the needs of off -road demand for 3W, driving is more comfortable and casual.


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