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Nissan shows China-designed EV at Auto Shanghai
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Nissan shows China-designed EV at Auto Shanghai

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Japanese carmaker Nissan is showcasing the electric Arizon concept at the Shanghai auto show, which has attracted over 1,000 exhibitors to demonstrate their latest products and technologies.

The Arizon concept, created by a Chinese team leveraging Nissan's global EV expertise, is designed to serve as a multifunctional partner for China's drivers, said the carmaker.

Built on the CMF EV platform, the SUV features a low center of gravity and a spacious, pillarless open-air cabin with an auto-dimming glass roof.

The Arizon concept features a new virtual personal assistant named Eporo that elevates the driving experience beyond mobility. Eporo can interact with passengers in a human-like manner and provide accurate responses utilizing time, weather and other data.

Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta said, "China is one of the most technologically sophisticated markets in the world."

"Market and customer needs are rapidly changing, making China a global driver of electrification as well as a leader in connected car services," he said.

Another electric concept, the Max-Out sports car, has made its China debut at the Shanghai auto show.

The Max-Out is a design exploration in "being one with the car." The cabin's ultra-wide display screen, which resembles the Max-Out's distinctive exterior lamps, provides the driver with a fusion of the virtual and real worlds.

Several other electrified models are shown at its booth as well, including the all-new e-POWER X-Trail crossover, the Ariya electric crossover SUV and the e-POWER Sylphy.

The new X-Trail features cutting-edge technologies like the second-generation e-POWER electric-drive powertrain and e-4ORCE, provides a powerful yet quiet, smooth and stable driving experience.


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