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SAIC Audi Q6 offers drivers poetry in motion
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SAIC Audi Q6 offers drivers poetry in motion

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In a bustling city, there are people who are not satisfied with the routine of going back and forth between work and home, and instead pursue a work rhythm that allows for flexibility and who yearn for a poetic and carefree lifestyle.

The SAIC Audi Q6 is designed to cater to drivers who crave an exceptional driving experience, whether navigating the hectic city streets or racing through the tranquil countryside.

The carmaker launched a test drive earlier this month in Xinchang county in Zhejiang province, which is graced with picturesque mountains and pristine waters, exuding the charm of the thousands of years of Tang poetry.

Approaching the SAIC Audi Q6, one is struck by its imposing presence with a 5,099-millimeter length, 2,014 mm width and 1,784 mm height. The SUV offers aviation-grade seats with optional six- and seven-seat layouts.

Gliding through the picturesque landscape of Xinchang, the model showed a strong and elegant appearance thanks to its simplified design aesthetic.

"As Audi's flagship 'Roadjet' and largest SUV, we are placing high expectations on this model," said Sascha Scholz, head of SAIC Audi Marketing and Public Relations. "The Audi Q6 is the first model to adopt Audi's latest design language and to innovatively incorporate the Chinese mythical beast Qilin and German modern design concepts, bringing a large SUV full of sincerity to the Chinese market and consumers."

With a fourth-generation EA888 or a six-cylinder EA390 turbocharged engine, along with the DCC adaptive dynamic suspension system, the SAIC Audi Q6 can provide superior driving performance and off-road capabilities.

The car's powerful engine provides ample torque, allowing it to effortlessly tackle steep inclines and rough terrain, while the responsive handling and adaptive suspension ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Q6 is the third model of SAIC Audi following the A7L sedan and the Q5 e-tron electric SUV, since SAIC Audi's presence in April 2021.

In 2022, SAIC Audi sold 6,200 vehicles nationwide. Scholz said that with more interior space, more power, more premium features and a more sincere price, they are confident that the sales will go up.

By now, SAIC Audi has opened 112 offline stores nationally. Scholz said: "What we're focusing on now is to further expand our offline touchpoints. With more stores opened, we expect to further improve our exposure among consumers."


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