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What Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Car Mats
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What Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Car Mats

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Have you purchased a new vehicle recently and currently looking for something to protect your car’s interior from unwanted debris?

With so many different types of car mats available in the market, it can be confusing and challenging to decide on the right product. So, we’re sharing this guide with you to help you choose the perfect mat for your car.

Protection and care are the two important qualities you would expect from any type of car mat.


Generally, there are just two types of car floor mats available, universal and custom-fit. Custom-fit mats can further be categorized into semi coverage and max coverage mats.

Universal Vs Custom Car Floor Mats

Universal car mats:-

  • Ideal all-weather plastic or rubber mats that provide minimum coverage to the car floor

  • An affordable option often found at big retailers

  • One size for all

Custom Car Floor Mats:-

1)  Average Coverage mats

  • Designed specifically for your vehicle

  • Higher in price than universal mats

  • Better coverage and protection than universal mats, but car floor is partially exposed

2) Maximum Coverage mats

  • Highly customised car mats that cover the entire car floor

  • Price comparative to average coverage custom-fit floor mats

  • Extended to the vertical walls of the car providing complete coverage and thus, a complete protection.


Luxurious cars and their accessories need a lot of care and maintenance. So you can spend more time enjoying your car, you want to choose a product that requires minimum cleaning effort, Here are some factors to keep in mind.

1) Carpeted Mats

  • Carpets tend to absorb the dirt and water rather than repelling it. As a result, lack of regular cleaning can easily stain them and produce an unpleasant smell.

2) Universal mats

  • Universal mats are created with deep grooves to prevent the liquid absorption and flow, but it produces an unpleasant look upon drying.

  • Mats don’t retain their original state and cleaning out the grooves is a time-consuming job.

3) Custom mats

  • These mats are designed with easy cleaning in mind. With shallow grooves, any debris can be easily wiped-off.

  • Mats can be easily cleaned with just water and a cloth. It takes the least effort to restore the mat to its original state.

Which one to choose???

Its all about your individual needs and preferences. For some people, universal mats may be enough, but if you’re looking for the best protection and something easy to maintain, then custom made car mats is the best option.



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