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What is a good car
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What is a good car

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Everyone likes a good car, they all want to buy a good car, what is a good car? First define, then set standards, and then determine the method of identification, and finally you can buy a real good car.

People always ask, which car is better? What is a good car? How can I buy a good car? In fact, if you don't express your specific thoughts, don't point out what kind of car you like, or what kind of car you need, then these questions are difficult to answer for you. Because only the car that suits you can be called a good car. Otherwise, no matter how good that car is, it may not be a good car for you.

To give an extreme example, we all know that super cars such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Ferrari are very expensive cars, and their performance and equipment are extremely super, but they may not be good for us ordinary consumers. car, because we simply can’t afford it, and using such a car to commute to get off work could cost us money. Anyway, a small car such as Carnival, Fit, P0L0 or 206 is a good car for us, not only can meet the needs of transportation, but also can be afforded.

To give another example, a woman who originally likes comfort, agility, stability, lightness and quietness, and you recommend a car that is powerful, sporty, grumpy, and has a wide body may not necessarily be what it is to her. nice car. And such a car may be a good car for those who like to drive fun. And a car owner who mainly drives by himself, if he drives a classic commercial vehicle such as a BMW 7 series or an Audi A8 every day, it is easy to be mistaken for a professional driver.

Therefore, a good car varies from person to person, and it varies according to different needs and pursuits of people. Only the car that suits you may be a good car. This is one of the most important factors in determining whether it is a good car.

In addition to the performance characteristics of the car itself, the reliability of the car, the cost of use, after-sales service, etc. are also important indicators to determine whether it is a good car. If a car is very good in power, safety, comfort and handling, but its fuel consumption is very high, it always breaks down, maintenance and repair costs are very expensive, and after-sales service is particularly poor, what can you say about such a car? Is it a good car?

The standard of a good car not only varies from person to person, but also other factors other than the car itself should be considered comprehensively, because buying a car is only the beginning of using a car, and there will be more troubles later. A good car is a car that meets your needs, brings you benefits and convenience, doesn't add more trouble to you, and can afford you.


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