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When Is The Right Time To Replace Car Floor Mats
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When Is The Right Time To Replace Car Floor Mats

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To protect your car's interior, car mats are a must. But as they say, nothing lasts forever and so does your car mats. With time, they loose their durability if not maintained regularly and need a replacement.

Keep below points in mind while taking the decision of car mat replacement:


Most universal-fit car mats are without security clips. Hence, they tend to displace and move around the car floor. This can sometimes lead to discomfort while driving the car and can endanger the passengers too. Car mats may interfere with the brake and race pedals. When your car mats start to pose such a driving risk, it’s high time to get them replaced with much safer and secure car floor mats.


You might be cleaning your vehicle and car mats on a regular basis, but sometimes spillage, leakage get ignored. Over time, it starts to build up and leaves permanent stains on the car mats. With universal-fit car mats, the stains will be almost impossible to remove as compared to easy-to-clean custom made leather car mats. If you have tried the strongest of all chemicals and still the stains are stubborn, this is a sign that your current car mats need to be replaced with custom-fit leather car floor mats.

Wear & Tear

Due to regular use of the car mats, as you step in and out of the car and the friction between the floor mat, car floor and pedals, you may realize the car mats have lost their look and part of it has started to torn. It may also develop small unnoticeable holes. At this stage, there is a high probability that dirt and debris can make its way to through the holes and deposit underneath your car mats. Hence, your car is not getting the protection from the mats as expected. The chances of wear and tear are high if you are using universal-fit car mats. The solution to this is either do regular cleaning which is time consuming or replace the car mats with more durable and wear resistant custom car mats.

Insufficient Protection

With lifestyle changes, increasing family size and pets, you may realize that you need extra protection for your car to keep it neat and clean. If this is the scenario, it’s worth buying custom made car mats as they provide maximum coverage and protection.

Renew the Car

If you wish to make your old car look like a new one and can't afford to buy a brand new one, you can just buy new car mats which will significantly improve the interior and give it a luxurious finish.

If you fall in any of the above-mentioned scenarios, it is the time to replace your existing car mats. The best and affordable choice is to buy custom car mats because they are designed keeping in mind the interior style of your vehicle.



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