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Why Choose Custom Car Mats
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Why Choose Custom Car Mats

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Are you still wondering whether custom car floor mats are really worth it? Should you really buy one for your vehicle?

Don’t worry if you haven’t decided yet. Let’s dig into it to make an informed decision!


3W car mats are designed to provide complete coverage to your vehicle unlike universal-fit mats. Complete coverage leaves no gaps for the debris to get deposited beneath the car mat and can be easily removed by just washing the mat with water. Messes like pet hair, dust, food and drink spillage requires a deep clean of the interior if you’re using universal-fit mats. It’s quite challenging and hectic to do the job yourself.

The advantage of tailor-made car mats is that you can easily remove them, wash them and re-install for a new-look again.


Would you like to buy a vehicle that needs a complete makeover? Well, no one does. If your vehicle’s interior is in a deteriorated state, it may not attract enough buyers and of course, the offered rate will be quite low. So, why not invest in custom-made car mats and get them installed as soon as you can to preserve the resale value of your valuable vehicle.


Durability is one of the main factors which was kept in mind while designing these car mats. The rubber or other any kind of car mats generally wear and tear with time and loose their durability. And you need to replace them quite often. Our mats last longer, with your entire car floor covered and you will not have to think about replacing them soon. With the slide clips, you can secure the mats, stop them from moving around and enjoy the seamless protection.

Still confused?

Given the benefits of custom made car mats above, every penny spent on them is worth it. The only investment which will save you many bucks in the long run!


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