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Why You Definitely Need Car Floor Mats
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Why You Definitely Need Car Floor Mats

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The most important thing you can do to maintain your car’s carpeting condition is to invest in a good set of floor mats. Mud and grime that get dragged into the vehicle end up on removable mats—not on the permanent carpet. Car floor mats make the difference between a quick clean-up and an expensive detailing job.

For starters, a pristine interior adds to an enjoyable driving experience. But you should also think ahead to the day you might sell your car. A spotless carpet is a great selling benefit.

Depending on how many you need, you could spend $300 or more on a set of quality floor mats for your car or truck. Flexible rubber pieces are available for around $40 while fancy custom leather floor mats can climb to thousands of dollars. Except for the most expensive luxury mats, the expense will likely be recouped when you sell the vehicle.

Regardless, the point is to avoid a total carpet replacement, which could easily cost triple the cost of new high-quality floor mats. Also, consider picking up a liner for the trunk area of your vehicle. Most vehicle cargo areas take a lot of abuse and can show wear and tear quickly.


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